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Xiaomi shows the phone with the fastest wireless charging in the world

The Chinese firm has broken records with its new technology, which it has also shown on video.

Fast charging technology is one of the elements with which some brands want to differentiate themselves from their rivals. OPPO is currently the manufacturer with the fastest fast charging in the world, and which is included in the OPPO Reno Ace and the realme X50 Pro 5G, two phones that boast a fast charge by 65W cable.

However, in regards to wireless charging, Xiaomi is one of the firms that is looking to take the crown as the signature with the fastest charging technology, and although its latest device offers a wireless charging power of 30W, since They have shown the first video with the technology that is called to become the fastest in the market.

40W power with wireless charging

Through a video on the Weibo social network, Xiaomi's vice president, Chang Cheng, has let us see a feature that we could see in the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, which would offer a 40W wireless charging, which is exactly the same power which has the Mate 30 cable.

In addition to this, this could also be the first Xiaomi device that offers a fast cable charging technology greater than 60W.


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